Chris Hague

Divisional Head – Technical Services (DFIR, TIG, SOC), Foregenix, Inc.

Mr. Hague is the Divisional Head for the Foregenix Technical Services which covers the Incident Response and Digital Forensic (DFIR) Team, Threat Intelligence Group (TIG) and Security Operations Center (SOC). The advanced security teams within Foregenix. Mr. Hague has over 28 years of experience as an IT Professional and possesses a wide range of skills that enable him to perform in multiple roles while covering diverse platforms and security initiatives.  Mr. Hague is currently responsible for overseeing and assisting in forensic investigations and data recovery efforts across a wide client base and has responded to numerous large scaled, targeted based breaches across the world. Mr. Hague has also been the principal investigator on several high-profile data breaches which spanned across multiple countries over the last several years.

Chris Hague's Events

Preventing Data Breaches: Insights From Real PFI Cases – A Panel Discussion

Date: Wednesday, 19 October

Presented by: Chris Hague, Divisional Head – Technical Services (DFIR, TIG, SOC), Foregenix, Inc.; Tracey Long, VP, Programs, PCI Security Standards Council; Benn Morris, Managing Director, 3B Data Security and Chris Novak, Managing Director, Verizon Cyber Security Consulting​

Join this engaging conversation to learn about how to avoid breaches based on the panelists’ experiences. PCI SSC will share overall trends in PCI Forensic Investigators (PFI) cases as it relates to failure to meet specific PCI DSS requirements determined to have caused or contributed to breaches, with PFIs sharing insights into deficiencies they’ve seen exploited and advice on how to avoid similar pitfalls.