Todd Davenport

Director, GRC, Global Payments

Todd Davenport has 30 years of Information Security experience across the government and private sectors. He’s spent the last seven years in the payment card industry focused on compliance and effective security control implementation. He currently leads the external compliance team for Global Payments and oversees their PCI compliance programs. Todd and his team minimize organizational risk by executing a well-designed assessment framework focused on proactive and transparent stakeholder collaboration.

Todd Davenport's Events

Leveraging PCI ISAs in Your Organization to Scale the Effectiveness of Your Compliance Program

Date: Wednesday, September 14

Presented by: Walid Barakat, Senior Vice President, IT Governance, Risk and Compliance, Global Payments and Todd Davenport, Director, GRC, Global Payments

Organizations today find increasing challenges in managing compliance with greater environment complexity and limited compliance staffing. Learn how an organization has effectively scaled its compliance team’s effectiveness through the use of embedded Internal Security Assessors across the IT landscape. Identify how to gain executive leadership sponsorship for top down compliance program accountability. Discover how compliance efficiency can manifest through compliance education.