The 2022 Community Meetings continue to be an opportunity to bring the PCI SSC community together and this year we especially look forward to reconnecting in person once again! Gather together with your community for important Council updates, insights on industry trends, strategies on best practices, engaging keynotes, and industry expert speakers. Plus, multiple opportunities for face-to-face networking and connecting!

Early bird pricing has ended.
Registration Now Closed

Below is the pass allocation and additional fee cost per registration:​

  • Regular: July 1, 2022 – September 9, 2022​
  • Late: September 10, 2022 – September 15, 2022

*Early Bird time only open to PCI Community Members. Public registration will open during “Regular” dates.

Member Type Complimentary Registration(s)** Cost Per Additional Registrant (REGULAR) Cost Per Additional Registrant (LATE)
ASV​ One $1095 $1295
CPSA​ One​ $1095​ $1295​
ISA​ One​ $1095​ $1295​
Participating Organization​ Two​ $695​ $895​
PCIP​ None​ $1095​ $1295​
PTS Labs​ One​ $1095​ $1295​
QIR​ None​ $1095​ $1295​
QPA​ One​ $1095​ $1295​
QSA​ One​ $1095​ $1295​
SSF One​ $1095​ $1295​
Vendors None​ $1095​ $1295​
Sponsor & Exhibitor Invited Guest None​ $1195​ $1295​
If your company is both a QSA and an ASV​ Two (one for each program)​ $1095​ $1295​
If your company is both a PO and an ISA​ Three (two for PO program membership and one for ISA)​ $1095​ $1295​
If your company is exhibiting in the Vendor Showcase​ Three (in addition to the above stated allocation)​ See Registration Type​ See Registration Type​
Public None​ $1395​ $1595​

**Complimentary registrations must be used first before any early bird registration rates can be used.