Richard Kisley

PCIP,, ISO, HSM Chief Engineer, IBM Corporation

Richard Kisley is a Senior Technical Staff Member with the Cryptographic Technology Development Department for Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) of IBM Systems Group. Richard led the HSM program to its first PCI HSM certification in July 2018. Richard is an advocate for financial services security standards & compliance awareness within IBM. Richard (PCIP, 2017) is the IBM contact to the PCI SSC, to, and part of the U.S. TAG to ISO TC68 SC2 WG11 & WG13 focused on security in retail.

Richard Kisley's Events

X9.143 and PCI PIN Compliant Key Blocks

Date: Wednesday, September 14

Presented by: Richard Kisley, PCIP,, ISO, HSM Chief Engineer, IBM Corporation

In 4Q2020 PCI SSC introduced detailed requirements for secure key blocks, referring to ASC X9 TR-31. This session takes you through the important features of ANSI X9.143, the new U.S. national standard for secure key blocks in payment applications, based on ASC X9 TR-31. Join to understand the features that can significantly enhance your key management security and ease your key management headaches. Learn also the security and pitfalls of the key block, especially relating to ISO 20038.