Peggy Nolan

CEO, Payment Card Assessments

With over 10 years of PCI ISA experience at a Fortune 100 company and Level 1 merchant and more than 20 years of information security project management experience, PCIP and CISA, Peggy brings “in the trenches” PCI DSS knowledge, expertise, and wisdom to all of her workshops. Her mission is to help merchants save time, money, and effort when it comes to PCI DSS Compliance. Outside of work, you’ll find Peggy teaching yoga and meditation. Peggy lives in Derry, NH, with her husband.

Peggy Nolan's Events

How to Manage Your PCI DSS Scope (Even When It’s Always Changing)

Date: Wednesday, September 14

Track One

Presented by: Peggy Nolan, CEO, Payment Card Assessments

At the beginning of any PCI DSS assessment (or if you’re just starting your PCI Sustainability journey,) it’s critical that you start with scope. Why? Understanding and knowing your scope is where you begin to create, build, and maintain a continuous PCI DSS Compliance program. If you don’t have a firm grasp on what’s in scope for assessment, being able to complete a self-assessment or, if you’re a level 1 merchant, a mandatory Report on Compliance is next to impossible.