Jon Dotson

Head of Product, Total Compliance Tracking

Jon started in corporate IT as a technical support rep and transitioned into IT project management. With excellent customer support experience and advanced knowledge of project management process, he managed all internal and external development projects. As Product Manager for TCT, Jon collaborates with clients to align TCT Portal to business strategies to deliver an experience that delights.

Jon Dotson's Events

Managing PCI Compliance Doesn’t Have to Suck

Date: Wednesday, September 14

Presented by: Todd Coshow, Head of Business Development, Total Compliance Tracking and Jon Dotson, Head of Product, Total Compliance Tracking

Managing compliance is challenging and costly. If you're using a combination of spreadsheets, email and file storage systems to manage your compliance or are subject to more than PCI DSS - there's a better way. No need to revamp your internal systems when PCI DSS v4.0 arrives - have your system do the heavy lifting for you. All of your data in a single place, improved efficiency for your internal team, proactive reminders of upcoming compliance tasks, automated report generation and more. Discover a better way to manage compliance with a cost effective compliance management system built by compliance professionals.