John (JB) Bartholomew

Senior VP of Technology, SecurityMetrics

JB is Senior VP of Technology at SecurityMetrics, and is responsible for growth through leadership, networking, and product innovation. He is a 30-year veteran in the high-tech industry, specializing in innovative software for IT and business. JB has held several senior management positions at companies including: Broadway & Seymour, WordPerfect, and Novell.

John (JB) Bartholomew's Events

The Rising Threat of Eskimming and What to Do About It

Date: Wednesday, September 14

Track One (Tech Demos)

Tech Demos

Presented by: John (JB) Bartholomew, Senior VP of Technology, SecurityMetrics

E-commerce skimming impacts thousands of online retailers and results in the loss of millions of dollars. 25-year veteran in Tech, John Bartholomew (SVP of Technology), will use data from over 500 forensic investigations to show why eskimming is on the rise, as well as the technical and financial threats of eskimming and formjacking. He will cover how hackers are developing more sophisticated eskimming techniques, including a new way that cyber criminals are hacking iframes that are undetectable by current security tools.

Malicious, Suspicious, and Concerning Trends in E-commerce - A Panel Discussion

Date: Thursday, September 15

Moderated by: John (JB) Bartholomew, Senior VP of Technology, SecurityMetrics

Panelists: Brad Caldwell, CEO, SecurityMetrics; Dave Ellis, Vice President of Investigations, SecurityMetrics and Chad Horton, Senior Director of Penetration Testing, SecurityMetrics

The increase in e-commerce has led to a corresponding increase in e-commerce attacks. Currently, around 85% of our investigations are e‑commerce attacks. This panel will examine the top identified concerning, suspicious, and malicious vulnerabilities discovered on e-commerce website shopping carts. In 2021, SecurityMetrics analysts identified malicious issues on 25.3% of investigated ecommerce sites. The purpose of this panel is to educate the industry on the need to secure their shopping carts.