Christopher Strand

PCIP, Chief Risk and Compliance Officer, Cybersixgill

Christopher Strand is the Chief Risk and Compliance Officer at Cybersixgill, where he leads the global security risk and compliance business unit, which helps companies bridge the gap between cybersecurity and regulatory cyber-compliance. He has spent the last 25 years developing cutting-edge programs within a broad range of IT and cybersecurity businesses. Chris is trained as a security auditor, is a PCIP, and actively participates in the development of cyber-regulations globally.

Christopher Strand's Events

Threats From the Dark Side – A Dark Web Tour From a PCI DSS Perspective

Date: Thursday, September 15

Presented by: Christopher Strand, PCIP, Chief Risk and Compliance Officer, Cybersixgill

Cybercriminals are moving at a staggering pace and have evolved on the deep and dark web to take advantage of vulnerabilities in sophisticated new ways. Illicit dark web forums, access brokers, and hacking groups are among a few entities that hunt for valuable data and exploit it for nefarious purposes. In this session we will take an interactive tour of the dark web with examples of how dark web threat actors are positioning themselves to target PCI related data and systems.