Avik Mukherjee

Sr. Security Consultant, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Avik is a Senior Security Consultant with AWS Professional Services having over a decade of experience in IT governance, security, risk, and compliance. He was a Qualified Security Assessor for PCI DSS and point-to-point encryption and has deep knowledge of security advisory and assessment work in various industries, including retail, finance, and technology. Currently, Avik works with enterprise customers to raise the bar on their security posture on AWS cloud. Outside work, he loves spending time with family and working on his culinary skills.

Avik Mukherjee's Events

Clear Skies Ahead: Enabling the Business to Migrate PCI Workloads to the Cloud at Scale

Date: Wednesday, September 14

Presented by: Jonathan Glass, MSIS, CISSP, Director Cloud Security, Global Payments; Kristine Harper, PCI DSS QSA, Sr. Assurance Consultant, AWS Security Assurance Services, LLC. and Avik Mukherjee, Sr. Security Consultant, Amazon Web Services (AWS)

With cloud migrations growing exponentially, how does PCI compliance keep up with the pace? Listen to a case study about transforming your PCI compliance strategy into one that is scalable, enabling the business to rapidly migrate workloads to the cloud efficiently and securely. Discover how layered compliance models and cloud concepts can support high rates of compliant migrations. Learn how others have leveraged cloud-provided efficiencies to minimize audit fatigue and resource constraints.