John Greenwood

Director Thought Leadership, Compliance3 Limited

John Greenwood is a leading industry contributor to the initial drafting and to the official Special Interest Group supporting the current PCI DSS Information Supplement on securing telephone-based card payment data. Mr. Greenwood is technology agnostic and independent subject matter expert with a deep understanding of vendor landscape supporting PCI scope reduction to reduce the time, cost, and effort in delivering PCI compliance in the MOTO channel.

John Greenwood's Events

Managing Third Party Risk in the Contact Centre Environment

Date: Wednesday, 19 October

Track Two

Presented by: John Greenwood, Director Thought Leadership, Compliance3 Limited and Candice Pressinger, BA Hons, MSc, GDPR Practit., Director, Customer Data Security, Elavon Merchant Services

The contact centre environment is changing. No longer reliant on connecting copper cables to tin boxes to serve large buildings accommodating hundreds of people, customer contact centres are now cloud based and supported by many operating models. Whether based on people or machines, outsourced or internal resources, homeworking or centralised buildings, cloud based customer contact operations have a dependency on third party vendors. Focus will be the impact of the PCI DSS on vendor selection.