Adam Cason

VP, Global and Strategic Alliances, Futurex

Adam Cason is VP of Global and Strategic Alliances at Futurex, where he manages Futurex’s channel, OEM, and technology partner ecosystem. He has a strong technical background and deep knowledge of hardware security modules, cloud security, key management, and enterprise cryptographic ecosystems. He began his career at Futurex as a Solutions Architect, working with enterprise customers worldwide on technology deployments, system architecture, and payments industry best practices.

Adam Cason's Events

HSM Virtualization for Payments and Enterprise: Compliance Strategies and Considerations

Date: Wednesday, 19 October

Track Two

Presented by: Adam Cason, VP, Global and Strategic Alliances, Futurex and Sam Pfanstiel, Principal, Coalfire

In this vendor-neutral educational session, experts in the cryptographic community review the state of HSM virtualization including drivers for its growing use in our industry, and address challenges and opportunities for cloud and enterprise organizations. Attendees will learn how to assess the impact of this technology against PCI compliance goals, evaluate associated architectural and strategic impacts, and implement best practices for protecting sensitive data in multi-tenant environments.