Tomás Perlines

Head of Payment Security, Schwarz IT KG

Mr. Perlines is acting as Head of Schwarz Payment Security since January 2016, leading the PCI DSS Compliance Programme and Payment Security Consultancy throughout the Schwarz Retail Group and its subsidiaries, among them being Lidl and Kaufland. Before he was acting as Information Security Officer for Lidl Spain, a subsidiary of Schwarz Retail Group. Mr. Perlines holds a MSc in Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications from Technology University – RWTH Aachen, Germany.

Tomás Perlines's Events

How a Large Retailer Manages its PCI DSS Compliance Programme for All Subsidiaries

Date: Tuesday, October 26

Presented by: Tomás Perlines, Head of Payment Security, Schwarz IT KG

Schwarz Group is the leading European retailer providing card payments via multiple payment channels throughout its subsidiaries, among them being the retail brands Lidl and Kaufland with more than 12.000 locations. Continuous growth, both organic and via acquisitions, challenge the enforcement of Compliance Programs such as PCI DSS. We will outline how we are able to meet these challenges.