Sheryl Benedict

QSA, Principal Consultant, Foregenix Ltd.

Ms. Benedict draws on her more than 20 years of experience as information security consultant and auditor providing PCI, SOX, SOC, Security Risk Assessments, NTIS ACAB, and ISO 27001 services to clients ranging from small private companies to Fortune 500 Global Organizations. Ms. Benedict has been a PCI QSA for over four years, leading assessments in various industries and also led the PCI compliance program for a large global tire manufacturing/retail organization for nearly four years.

Sheryl Benedict's Events

PCI Compliance in the Cloud - Practical Guidance for QSAs and ISAs

Date: Thursday, October 28

Presented by: Sheryl Benedict, QSA, Principal Consultant, Foregenix Ltd. and Brian Willis, QSA, ISA, Senior Manager, LBMC

Ms. Benedict and Mr. Willis will review the basics of cloud architecture and security components, then, with the help of real-world examples, discuss the opportunities and challenges of applying the PCI DSS Requirements to cloud services. This knowledge is applicable to external and internal assessors, as well as merchants and service providers who utilize or are considering cloud services.