Matt Southworth

VP, Security Engineering, Priceline

Mr. Southworth is the Vice President, Security Engineering at Priceline. He leads the security team to reduce risk, improve customer trust, and fight the bad guys coming after our data. Mr. Southworth joined Priceline in a security engineering role in 2013 and has overseen the growth and maturation of the security team and capabilities. His team is responsible for product security, network and infrastructure protection, user safety, managing PCI compliance, and incident response.

Matt Southworth's Events

Mitigating Common Risks in e-commerce with SSF

Date: Thursday, October 28

Presented by: Flavio Bonfiglio Sorans, QSA, Head of PCI Software Security Framework, Foregenix Ltd. and Matt Southworth, VP, Security Engineering, Priceline

During this presentation with Priceline, an e-commerce industry leader, Matt and Flavio will discuss software security and challenges of implementing protection mechanisms to e-commerce's common and current risks scenarios and how the Software Security Framework provides help mitigating them.