Matt McGuirk

Solution Architect, Source Defense

Matt McGuirk is an expert in JavaScript, web technologies, and both client-side risk and client-side attacks. He has over 15 years of experience in web application development, website administration, and cybersecurity. Additionally, he has provided consultation and analysis to Fortune 50 companies on how best to secure their customer-facing web properties and business critical web applications. Matt lives in the American Northeast with his wife and two dogs.

Matt McGuirk's Events

Magecart and Formjacking Threats - Ensuring Website Protection and PCI Compliance

Date: Thursday, October 28

Presented by: Matt McGuirk, Solution Architect, Source Defense

Magecart, an umbrella term for dozens of criminal groups that place skimming code in the Javascript of websites to intercept data typed into forms, is one of the leading threats facing e-commerce today. The client-side browser is the front door for interaction with customers and their data but can also be an open door for hackers to explore attack vectors like the aforementioned Magecart and formjacking. The world is under more pressure than ever to keep online engines running properly.