Dick Hacking

QSA, CISM, CISA, Principal Security Analyst, Truvantis, Inc.

Mr. Hacking has over two decades of experience leading enterprise support and IT systems security programs to help companies create and maintain regulatory compliance. He has years of developing firmware, operating systems, and communications protocols, and is a recognized expert in identifying and mitigating product vulnerabilities in system software and embedded systems. He has spent 6 years as a QSA authorized by the PCI Security Standards Council to perform Level 1 PCI DSS assessments.

Dick Hacking's Events

Considerations for Secure Product Development

Date: Thursday, October 28

Presented by: Dick Hacking, QSA, CISM, CISA, Principal Security Analyst, Truvantis, Inc.

Developed for both product management and software design teams, this talk introduces all the aspects that need to be considered for the whole lifecycle of a secure and privacy-compliant product. It is informed by the many omissions and gaps seen during implementation and support of both the computers themselves and the applications deployed to them.