Casal (CJ) Henry

MSIT, MBA, CSCT, CCFE, Director, Information Security, Global Payments Inc.

Mr. Henry leads the Information Security Advisory Services office. This office is responsible for helping to shift the organizational culture to ensure that security is a mindset and not just a task to complete before release. Mr. Casal brings 21 years of experience from various roles and industries including Oil & Gas, Telecommunications and Payment Processing. This allows him to leverage transformative and innovative methods to implement Advisory Services as a Secure the Enterprise Program (STEP) for Global Payments.

Mr. Henry’s responsibilities include leading Advisory Services, consisting of Security Advisory and Application Security Assurance teams. Advisory assess internal and external products leveraging several threat methodologies, industry best practices and internal security strategies. The Application Security Assurance Program (ASAP) under Advisory Services has emphasis on application security validation activities.

Mr. Henry has a passion for developing the next generation of security professionals by helping to develop opportunities that would not normally be available to them. His belief is that leaders are not born overnight; they should be groomed and invested in.

Casal (CJ) Henry's Events

Investing in the Future and Paving the Way to Further Security in Payments - A Panel Discussion

Date: Thursday, October 28

Moderated by: Tanya Deen, CISSP, ISA, Director, Information Security, Global Payments Inc.

Panelists: Casal (CJ) Henry, MSIT, MBA, CSCT, CCFE, Director, Information Security, Global Payments Inc.; Stacy Hughes, CPA, CITP, CRISC, CISM, Chief Information Security Officer, Global Payments Inc.; Mike Kane, VP, Global Security Operations Management, Global Payments Inc. and Matthew Warner-McKinley, Information Security Analyst II, Global Payments Inc.

The payments industry will always be plagued by cyberattacks and we will always look for ways to combat them. People are our greatest defense. Join us for a panel discussion on investing in the future of payment security while also giving back to your community, driving greater diversity, and attracting the next generation of cybersecurity professionals. We will discuss experiences from addressing the gap between theoretical knowledge and industry application of cybersecurity practices.