Anchises Moraes

Cyber Evangelist, C6 Bank

Mr. Moraes is a cyber prevenger rockstar who uses a hacker mindset to bring unorthodox paradoxes to a hyper-connected world. He works as Cyber Evangelist at C6 Bank and worked previously at RSA and VeriSign iDefense as a Threat Intelligence Analyst, with over 20 years’ experience in the computer security industry. He is Director of the Brazilian chapter of Cloud Security Alliance and is the Supreme Chancellor of Brazilian hackerspace Garoa Hacker Clube.

Anchises Moraes's Events

A Global Data Breach Database and the Challenges Encountered

Date: Tuesday, October 26

Presented by: Anchises Moraes, Cyber Evangelist, C6 Bank and Nelson Novaes Neto, Researcher and CTO, MIT and C6 Bank

If the mantra “data is the new oil” of our digital economy is correct, then data leak incidents are the critical disasters in the online society. The initial goal of our MIT research was to present a comprehensive database of data breaches of personal information. This article identified the top 430 largest data breach incidents among more than 10,000 data breach incidents. The database that was created, shows that the number of data records breached is more than 22 billion.