Sean Estrada

Head of Industry Engagement, Stripe, Inc.

Sean Estrada, Head of Industry Engagement, Stripe, Inc., where he advocates for well-designed industry standards and regulations that enable users to develop awesome payment experiences for the online and physical world. Building on decades of experience spanning information security audit and consulting, to payment network compliance, and cloud regulation and oversight, Sean brings a unique and detailed approach bridging detailed technical requirements to intended policy outcomes.

Sean Estrada's Events

Mobile Payments: A Developer’s View

Date: Wednesday, September 13

Track Two

Presented by: Sean Estrada, Head of Industry Engagement, Stripe, Inc. and Roshan Sadanani, Product Lead, Payment APIs, Stripe

We live in a mobile-first world. Everything we do these days takes place on a mobile device, whether that’s booking a hair appointment, calling for transportation, or even seeing a doctor. Payments take on many different forms in the mobile space. Join Stripe as we showcase the developer perspective: how software and applications are built to facilitate mobile commerce, the risks and trade-offs involved, and the consumer experience. ​