Roshan Sadanani

Product Lead, Payment APIs, Stripe

Roshan Sadanani is the Product Lead for Stripe’s core payment API platform, overseeing developer experience and payment features. Before this, Roshan was a founding member of Stripe Terminal, where he worked across a variety of software and hardware teams centered on crafting solutions that allow developers to accept in-person payments on web and mobile platforms.

Roshan Sadanani's Events

Mobile Payments: A Developer’s View

Date: Wednesday, September 13

Track Two

Presented by: Sean Estrada, Head of Industry Engagement, Stripe, Inc. and Roshan Sadanani, Product Lead, Payment APIs, Stripe

We live in a mobile-first world. Everything we do these days takes place on a mobile device, whether that’s booking a hair appointment, calling for transportation, or even seeing a doctor. Payments take on many different forms in the mobile space. Join Stripe as we showcase the developer perspective: how software and applications are built to facilitate mobile commerce, the risks and trade-offs involved, and the consumer experience. ​