Dustin Rich

PCI Practice Lead, A-LIGN

Dustin Rich is the PCI Practice Lead at A-LIGN and has performed PCI DSS assessments over the past 17 years. As an IT professional with over 25 years of IT experience, Dustin has the technical background and experience to manage large complex IT environments. Dustin has worked with Fortune 500 companies, large retail environments, higher education, contact centers, cloud service providers, independent sales organizations (ISO), payment gateways, and both acquiring and issuing banks. With over 17 years of QSA experience, Dustin is a great resource and has had opportunities to speak at conferences for higher education, card industry vendors, and the PCI SSC annual community meetings.

Dustin Rich's Events

A-LIGN: Get Audit-Ready In A Fraction Of The Time By Leveraging Powerful Automation

Date: Wednesday, September 13

Presented by: Chris Lamm, PCI Managing Consultant, A-LIGN and Dustin Rich, PCI Practice Lead, A-LIGN

Ready to leave behind the audit headaches of the past? See how A-LIGN’s compliance automation platform, A-SCEND, can help you complete your audits faster and easier than ever before. Collect evidence with the click of a button, leverage policy templates to establish new policies, set up continuous monitoring to keep an eye on your compliance program year-round, and more. And most importantly, free up your time and resources for the work that matters most to your organization.