Chris Lamm

PCI Managing Consultant, A-LIGN

Christopher Lamm is a Managing Consultant at A-LIGN Security and Compliance focused upon managing PCI-DSS engagements and ensuring consistent high-quality results for A-LIGN customers. Christopher has been working exclusively within the information security field for more than 20 years, has held a CISSP for 19 years, and has been an active QSA for 15 years.

Chris Lamm's Events

A-LIGN: Get Audit-Ready In A Fraction Of The Time By Leveraging Powerful Automation

Date: Wednesday, September 13

Presented by: Chris Lamm, PCI Managing Consultant, A-LIGN and Dustin Rich, PCI Practice Lead, A-LIGN

Ready to leave behind the audit headaches of the past? See how A-LIGN’s compliance automation platform, A-SCEND, can help you complete your audits faster and easier than ever before. Collect evidence with the click of a button, leverage policy templates to establish new policies, set up continuous monitoring to keep an eye on your compliance program year-round, and more. And most importantly, free up your time and resources for the work that matters most to your organization.