Richard Jones

Business Development Director, Advantio Ltd.

Having accidentally fallen into cyber security off the back of Y2K, Richard Jones became one of the first salespeople to join the PCI DSS ‘party’, quickly becoming hardened to the inevitable resistance that comes with getting customers to take compliance seriously! Sixteen years on he has extensive experience of working with leading blue-chip retailers, airlines and services providers as well as many global acquiring banks, where he has helped them to turn compliance programs into productized revenue.

Richard Jones's Events

The Future of Cyber Risk and Compliance Management for Merchant Service Providers

Date: Thursday, 20 October

Presented by: Richard Jones, Business Development Director, Advantio Ltd.

Join this session to learn how MSPs can employ new techniques to better understand the cyber resilience and maturity of their merchants to reduce risk and increase levels of compliance.
  • Placing the emphasis on risk: Techniques to rapidly cyber risk profile and a merchant portfolio.
  • Remediation: How SMB merchants can prioritise resource and investment where it will make a difference.
  • Raising the cyber security bar for SMB merchants: keeping them safe and ahead of the game.