Phil Lewis

CEO, Titania, Ltd.

Mr. Lewis has a proven track record in Strategic Risk Management, starting with Deloitte, then with market-leading telecoms, law enforcement, and cybersecurity firms before leading Titania’s global expansion as specialists in accurate, automated network configuration assessments.

Phil Lewis's Events

Adopting a Zero-Trust Mindset to Achieve Security From PCI Compliance 

Date: Wednesday, 19 October

Track One

Presented by: Phil Lewis, CEO, Titania, Ltd.

Sampling is a risky approach to network security. It’s why PCI DSS v4.0 recommends it should not be used where automation allows. So how do you shift the compliance market from annual sampled, audits, to daily assessments of every network device? We discuss how adopting a zero trust mindset, combined with accurate, risk and remediation focused automation helps to continually validate your users, networks and applications can be trusted, delivering security from PCI DSS v4.0 compliance.