Mayke Ploeger

Technical Team Lead, Adyen

Mayke Ploeger is a Technical Team Lead at Adyen. The Amsterdam based payments company has been expanding rapidly since it was founded in 2006 and is still showing continuous growth. Mayke joined the tech company as a Technical Support Engineer after successfully completing university degrees in both Mathematics, Physics and Nano Materials in 2017. She progressed quickly within Adyen and was promoted to Technical Team Lead within 2,5 years, making her one of the youngest team leads within the company. In July last year, she formed a new, multi-disciplinary team to start working on mobile payments on a consumer device, catering for the future of in person payments. As a first step, Tap to Pay on iPhone was launched this summer.

Mayke Ploeger's Events

All Things Mobile: Wherever People Pay

Date: Wednesday, 19 October

Presented by: Mayke Ploeger, Technical Team Lead, Adyen

The change from classical terminals to fully mobile solutions, how this increases complexity and affects security requirements. A simplified architecture of a ‘Spider in the web’ solution will be shown, explaining how a single application can provide all forms of payments on smartphones, terminals, Ecom etc. In practice this solution will require a collaboration of a variety of software and hardware components resulting in a fairly unstructured web. This talk will provide some structure to this.