James Seaman

MSc, CISM, CRISM, Director, IS Centurion Consulting, Ltd.

James (Jim) Seaman is a highly imaginative and creative individual with a talent for solving problems in unconventional ways.

Born in West Yorkshire, United Kingdom, Jim honed his skills and knowledge through a successful career in the RAF Police. For 22 years, he was responsible for ensuring adequate protective security of mission-critical assets, working as a Police Dog handler, Security Commander, Aviation Security Specialist, and Counter-Intelligence operative.

On retiring from military service, Jim transitioned across to the corporate environment, where he has fulfilled numerous protective security roles and responsibilities (e.g., Supplier Assurance, Baseline Security Controls Manager, Head of Information Security, Group Information Security Manager and Information Security Consultant and PCI DSS Qualified Security Assessor (PCI-QSA).

During this career, Jim achieved an MSc in Security Management, as well as various industry Information Security & Risk qualifications (e.g., ISACA, CCP, FAIR, etc.) and proactively maintains his professional knowledge through his voluntary services to ISACA.

Jim’s passion for mentoring businesses in effective Protective Security practices continues, helping them to proportionately enhance their defensive efforts, reduce the risks to the business operations, and to achieve their compliance objectives.

James Seaman's Events

Reducing the Human Error Rate

Date: Wednesday, 19 October

Presented by: James Seaman, MSc, CISM, CRISM, Director, IS Centurion Consulting, Ltd.

With the Global Economic Forum having identified that 95% of cyber incidents are caused by human error: https://www.weforum.org/reports/global-risks-report-2022. This session will investigate the root cause and suggest some measures by which organizations can reduce this risk. The session will look into some supporting SOPs and that will help to reduce the risk of human error and will investigate some of the psychology behind the reasons that people are prone to making mistakes.