Ian Robinson

Chief Architect, Titania, Ltd.

Chief Architect, Ian Robinson, works closely with Titania’s customers and partners to continuously hone the unique capabilities of Nipper Enterprise and Nipper; ensuring each product roadmap strategically builds customer value by providing organizations with the insight needed to mitigate their most critical network security and compliance risks, first. With a strong record in full stack development, he is fluent in an array of different languages and versed in the wide range of platforms, frameworks, libraries and integrations needed to build elegant, well-designed, and innovative cybersecurity solutions. Having been instrumental to both large and small scale delivery teams – augmented, in-house and distributed – throughout his career, he is passionate about mentoring and helping teams take collective ownership of the solutions they develop.

Ian Robinson's Events

Foundational Network Configuration Security - Zero Trust and PCI DSS 4.0 Assurance at Scale

Date: Wednesday, 19 October

Track Two (Tech Demos)

Tech Demos

Presented by: Ian Robinson, Chief Architect, Titania, Ltd.

Foundational network configuration security for Zero Trust and PCI DSS 4.0 assurance at scale. We consider some best practices for embedding security as a continuous process to address the fact that CDE change on a daily basis including network segmentation; abandoning sampling; adopting a zero trust approach. Titania will share how the new-to-market capabilities of Nipper Enterprise enable network owners to accurately automate security &; compliance assessments of every router, switch and firewall in a network on up to an hourly basis. See how the continuous view of actual security and PCI DSS compliance that it provides gives users the assurance that networking devices are performing as intended, that CDEs remain protected from preventable attack, and that payment card data is safe.