Alexander Norell

Global Security Architect, VikingCloud

Alexander Norell has 27 years of Information Technology experience with 21 years in Information Security and the most recent 16 years managing compliance and risk. During this time Alexander has manage enterprise server and networks environments, been the architect for a major payment switch as well as managed and performed assessments for some of the largest acquirers, issuers, processors, and solution providers in Europe.

Alexander Norell's Events

VikingCloud Asgard Platform – Providing Continuous Cybersecurity and Compliance

Date: Wednesday, 19 October

Presented by: Alexander Norell, Global Security Architect, VikingCloud

VikingCloud has built a next generation AI predictive platform that provides continuous cybersecurity and compliance tools in a single portal. Tackle challenges ranging from real-time security alerts with real-time dashboards to complex compliance assessments. In this demo you will see: Powerful and simple to use dashboards that can drill down to exactly the data you need, A unified findings repository that provides a holistic view across your entire enterprise, A powerful GCRS tool that can easily track complex compliance audits.