Richard Kisley

Chief Engineer, IBM Corporation

Richard Kisley (PCIP, 2017) has been working with PCI since 2015 and became the IBM PO primary contact in 2017. In 2018 Richard became the IBM primary contact to, and is the Vice Chair of X9F. Richard joined ISO TC68 SC 2 in 2019 as part of the U.S. TAG from X9, and was elected convenor of ISO TC68 SC2 WG11. Richard is current and past editor of several X9 and ISO standards, including X9 TR-31, ANSI X9.143, ISO 9564, ISO 13491.1, Richard was elected X9 representative to PCI PAWG in 2023.

Richard Kisley's Events

Migration to AES Protected Payments: Current Support and Ongoing Work to Aid Adoption

Date: Wednesday, September 13

Presented by: Steven Bowles, Regional Security Officer, NAR, Ingenico, Inc.; Richard Kisley, Chief Engineer, IBM Corporation and Dr. Susan Langford, Senior Cryptographer, Utimaco

The Payment Industry has used TDES encryption for years to protect PIN and cardholder data. As computing power increases, TDES is becoming more and more susceptible to attack. NIST recommends migrating to AES to address this threat - but where is the payment industry in this task, what work has already been done, and what remains to be done? This session will cover: the current state of AES support, ongoing AES work in standards, and considerations for planning your AES migration.