Marc Bayerkohler

Standards Trainer, PCI Security Standards Council

Before joining the PCI Security Standards Council as a Standards Trainer, Marc spent ten years doing PCI assessments as a QSA, PA-QSA, QSA (P2PE), and PA-QSA (P2PE). He has worn a number of hats over the years doing work such as security assessments, pentesting, SOX audits, network security, forensics, UNIX system administration, and manning the helpdesk. Marc enjoys talking about encryption and believes he has the largest collection of Spanish comic books in Colorado.

Marc Bayerkohler's Events

PCI DSS v4.0 Part - 1
What’s New: Top FAQs, Resources, Q&A, Guidance Column, etc.

Date: Tuesday, September 12

Presented by: Marc Bayerkohler, Standards Trainer, PCI Security Standards Council; Tom White, Senior Manager, Content Development, PCI Security Standards Council and Kandyce Young, Manager, Data Security Standards, PCI Security Standards Council