Derek Schenk

CTO, DataStealth

Derek Schenk is a senior technology leader, innovator and strategist with extensive experience in designing, developing and implementing SaaS solutions. With more than 25 years of experience Derek has brought to market a variety of successful software products focused on data management and the financial sector. As CTO at Datex he has been awarded several patents for the technology that forms the core of the DataStealth platform.


Derek Schenk's Events

DataStealth: Realtime Content Protection. It's Required. And It's Easy.

Date: Wednesday, September 13

Presented by: Derek Schenk, CTO, DataStealth

DataStealth is a patented breakthrough in cybersecurity that has been proven to help many organizations comply with the PCI Data Security Standards. PCI DSS 4.0 requires organizations to ensure the integrity of webpages, along with the content being delivered, to ensure that nothing malicious is delivered to users. Static file integrity checks do not work as it is too late in the process. DataStealth provides real-time integrity checks, on every page, delivered to every user, every time.