Sylvia Choa

Principal Consultant, Foregenix

Sylvia is an accomplished and certified IT Security professional with close to 20 years of diverse experience in Information Security, comprising both external consulting services and internal control and operational security experience. Sylvia is a Qualified Security Assessor.

Sylvia Choa's Events

E-commerce Threat Trends and PCI DSS v4.0

Date: Wednesday, 15 November

Presented by: Sylvia Choa, Principal Consultant, Foregenix and Raymond Simpson, M.D. APAC, Foregenix

Ray will start the presentation with sharing e-commerce threat and breach trends that we have been monitoring for close to a decade. We will focus on a case study and investigate what the core challenges and issues are that have been identified. With this backdrop, Sylvia will tie in PCI DSS v4.0 and how this new version will more effectively address the risks that we see in the e-commerce space. She will cover specific requirements in PCI DSS v4.0 that will effectively help address the pain-points that often lead to breaches.