Brian Odian

Director - APAC Managed Compliance Services, VikingCloud

Brian Odian is a respected global leader within the ever-evolving cyber security sector. As Director of Asia Pacific Managed Compliance Services at VikingCloud, he guides iconic regional and global entities in best practice security and compliance, mitigating cyber-risk in an increasingly changeable threat landscape.

Over the past 35 years, Brian has travelled the world, driving global security programs and projects to fruition across banking, financial services, government, retail, communication, manufacturing, and aviation domains. Highly credentialled in project management, security, and compliance disciplines (CISM, CRISC, PMP, QSA, CDPSE, ISO27001 IA), he is an active industry contributor, and his thought leadership has influenced the design of complex sophisticated cyber-security solutions.

With a passion for ongoing sector evolution, Brian has contributed to government cyber security strategies, stressing the critical importance of compliance being mandated by legislative instrument to drive overall improvements at all levels.

Highly regarded as a global speaker, presenter, and writer, Brian’s articles have regularly featured in well-respected industry publications. A prolific content creator, to date Brian has developed over 75 engaging videos, interviewing global cyber-security experts, and exploring topical issues within the cyber-security compliance space.

Brian Odian's Events

Compliance is a Program, Not a Project

Date: Thursday, 16 November

Presented by: Brian Odian, Director - APAC Managed Compliance Services, VikingCloud

The Sydney Harbour Bridge has around 485,000 square metres of steelwork which needs to be repainted every 5 years to protect it from corrosion. The road surface on the bridge has to be replaced around every 10 years and even the flags on top of the bridge are changed every 4-6 months. Just as you finish one task another one begins, or you have to restart what you just finished. If the maintenance program isn’t managed the results could be catastrophic. Likewise, if we treat compliance programs as individual projects, or one-off tasks, and don’t maintain them, corrosion of our overall security and compliance posture could easily occur. So, what we will consider as part of this presentation is:
  • Why compliance should be viewed as a program.
  • World view on regulatory compliance.
  • Synergies between compliance programs.
  • Developing a mature compliance program.
  • Impediments to success.