Suraj Gyawali

Senior Solution Engineering Manager, Evo Payments​

Result-oriented Software Engineering Manager with 12+ years of experience in leading PCI SSF, PCI DSS audit readiness projects for multiple organisations, twinned with 15+ years payment experience. I am among the early adopter of PCI SSF in the industry. Trained and coach 12+ products across the organisation to transition from PCI PADSS to PCI SSF as a subject matter expert. I possess Software Engineering post graduate degree specialized in Software Security, as Ethical Hacker certification.

Suraj Gyawali's Events

PCI Secure Software Standard Audit Readiness Approach & Best Practices

Date: Wednesday, 25 October

Presented by: Suraj Gyawali, Senior Solution Engineering Manager, Evo Payments​

In the talk, Suraj will take you through the journey and the approach that he has laid-out to prepare for PCI Secure Software Standard audit readiness, in the context of transitioning from PA DSS to S3. He will highlight the best practices and share samples of the template he built.

Key areas of focus:
  • Awareness to executive leadership team
  • Build Critical Assets Register – identifying sensitive data, security controls, sensitive resources.
  • Application Gap analysis, and application enhancements
  • Technical documentations