Steve Wilson

Senior Consultant, Encryption Services, Global Payments

Steve Wilson, a seasoned expert in enterprise technology, possesses over 35 years of industry experience. Since joining TSYS (now Global Payments) in 2005, Steve has specialized in distributed, highly reliable payments infrastructure. In 2019, Steve joined Global Payments’ Encryption Services, managing large HSM estates and related processes. As part of a team of cryptography experts, he focuses heavily on Global Payments’ HSM and key management strategy for their next-gen payment solutions.

Steve Wilson's Events

Elevating Security: A Case Study in Moving Payment Cryptography to the Cloud

Date: Wednesday, 25 October

Presented by: Adam Cason, VP of Global and Strategic Alliances, Futurex and Steve Wilson, Senior Consultant, Encryption Services, Global Payments

Hardware security modules (HSMs) are crucial to PCI ecosystems and their deployment in As-a-Service environments is increasingly recognized. However, many organizations lack firsthand experience in this area.

This case study details the migration of a large payment processor’s security & key management infrastructure to the cloud. Presented with a broad, universally relevant framework, attendees will be equipped with battle-tested best practices that can be applied to their own organization.