Ralf Wupper

Lead Consultant IT Security, Lufthansa Group

Ralf is an experienced Lead Consultant at Lufthansa Systems. His key topics are IT & Cyber Security, Project Management, IT Continuity Management and IT Infrastructure. He has been running the project “PCI for Future Eletronic Workplaces” as streamlead for Lufthansa Group. Leadership, taking over responsibilities, and minimizing risks are key issues for him both in his job and in his hobby, diving.

Ralf Wupper's Events

Maintaining Security and Compliance When Insourcing Digital Workplaces

Date: Wednesday, 25 October

Presented by: Jana Ehlers, Division Manager & QSA, SRC Security Research & Consulting GmbH and Ralf Wupper, Lead Consultant IT Security, Lufthansa Group

Deutsche Lufthansa AG decided to insource its digital workplace environment. Together with their QSA company, SRC Security Research & Consulting GmbH, they will give insights into the related planning, project management, and implementation, including challenges they were facing.