Queenie Chen

Regional PCI Practice Manager, APAC, THALES

Queenie is the PCI Practice Manager who has led and delivered projects and consulting services to multinational corporations, Fortune 500 companies, and top global consulting firms. She has extensive experience working with complex and large-scale global corporations and government institutions within the APAC region. Queenie is proficient in providing security recommendations and supervision to sophisticated system architectures. Queenie has also presented at conferences in the APAC region.

Queenie Chen's Events

The Future of Cyber Security from Hackers Perspective: Building a Defensible Architecture Using PCI DSS

Date: Wednesday, 25 October

Presented by: Pak Ho Chan, Regional Head of Cyber Defence, APAC, THALES and Queenie Chen, Regional PCI Practice Manager, APAC, THALES

Transform your business in the new era of cyber security through the eyes of hackers. This session will give the audience an overview of several real-world hacking cases. Also, this session will highlight how PCI DSS, as a practical approach, can build a defensible architecture and uplift the capabilities for engaging adversaries in order to engineer out potential threats and ensure resilience.