Pedro Fortuna

CTO, Jscrambler

Co-founder and CTO of Jscrambler, Pedro Fortuna leads security research and the company’s product innovation. He has more than 15 years of experience researching and working on web security. Main research interests lie in the fields of Application and Web Security, Reverse Engineering, and Software Engineering. Builder of solutions that require code rewriting, sandboxing, or both. Author of several patents in application security. He is a regular speaker at international security conferences.

Pedro Fortuna's Events

Jscrambler: Securing Different Types Of Payment Pages From E-commerce Skimming Attacks

Date: Wednesday, 25 October

Presented by: Pedro Fortuna, CTO, Jscrambler

Attackers stealing cardholder data use different techniques based on the way payment pages are built. Our presentation will show real attack scenarios in 3 steps:
  • How the attack works
  • Show the attack against an unprotected payment form
  • Show the attack against a payment form, secured with Jscrambler technology
We’ll show different attack methods to different payment page builds, either where a payment form is directly embedded on a page or where it is embedded in a page using an iFrame.