Jo Vane

InfoSec Compliance Director,

Meet Jo Vane, the InfoSec Compliance Director at, known for her ability to simplify complex security matters. As a former police officer turned cybersecurity enthusiast, Jo is on a mission to continue to elevate’s PCI program, focusing on both PCI DSS and PCI 3DS, and her achievements in this realm are noteworthy.

With nearly fifteen years of leadership experience, Jo has a solid track record of leading teams through transformative journeys. Her expertise spans a wide range of security standards and regulations, making her the go-to person for security and compliance discussions.

Jo has a unique talent for bridging the gap between tech and people. She’s a strong communicator who can translate complex compliance topics into plain language that everyone can understand. Her role at is pivotal in maturing the PCI program, particularly for DSS and 3DS. She’s passionate about upholding the highest security standards for payment processing and is dedicated to making the digital world safer for everyone.

Jo Vane's Events

Making the Payments Industry Stronger – A Panel Discussion

Date: Thursday, 26 October

Moderated by: Mark Meissner, SVP, Education & Engagement, PCI Security Standards Council

Panelists: Naveed Islam, Chief Information Security Officer, Dojo; Jeremy King, Regional VP, EMEA, PCI Security Standards Council; Simon Turner, Senior Manager Security Governance & Compliance, British Telecommunications Plc and Jo Vane, InfoSec Compliance Director,

There are so many ways to engage with the PCI SSC. In this panel discussion, you will hear from PCI SSC Board of Advisors and Principal Participating Organization members about the various ways they have engaged with the PCI SSC and how payment stakeholders can have a voice in the development of standards and programs. You will also want to hear about the new benefits associated with being active with the PCI SSC and then make your plan to get more involved.