Ian Robinson

Chief Architect, Titania

Chief Architect Ian Robinson works closely with Titania’s customers and partners to continuously hone the unique capabilities of its configuration assessment solutions Nipper Enterprise and Nipper. He ensures each product roadmap strategically builds customer value by providing organizations with the insight needed to mitigate their most critical network security and compliance risks.

Ian Robinson's Events

Titania: Continuously Viewing and Managing PCI DSS Compliance Through An Attacker’s Lens

Date: Wednesday, 25 October

Presented by: Ian Robinson, Chief Architect, Titania

PCI DSS v4.0 recommends abandoning sampling and regularly assessing network infrastructure (routers, switchers and firewalls) to ensure organizations gain increased security from continuous compliance. Nipper Enterprise enables the shift from ad-hoc, sampled assessments to continuous compliance assurance for the Enterprise. Enabling network owners to increase the coverage and cadence of network infrastructure assessments, prioritize remediation of non-compliances, & shut down real-world threats.