Harley Geiger

JD, MA, CIPP/US, Counsel and Senior Director, Venable, LLP

Harley Geiger is a Counsel with Venable LLP’s Privacy and Data Security group. Geiger has worked on hacking law and policy for a decade, in addition to counseling clients on laws related to personal information security, IoT security, regulatory compliance, and cyber incident management. Prior to joining Venable, Harley led the public policy and government affairs program at Rapid7. Harley also served as Senior Legislative Counsel at the US House of Representatives and is CIPP certified.

Harley Geiger's Events

When a Hacker Comes Knocking: Vulnerability Disclosure, Bug Bounties, and PCI

Date: Wednesday, 25 October

Presented by: Ilona Cohen, Chief Legal Officer, Chief Policy Officer, HackerOne, Inc and Harley Geiger, JD, MA, CIPP/US, Counsel and Senior Director, Venable, LLP

A hacker contacts your organization. They say they have found a major vulnerability in your software. What should you do? Are you under attack? What if the hacker asks for a “donation”? Vulnerability disclosure policies (VDP) and processes are increasingly built into regulations and standards, including PCI v4.0. This presentation will provide an overview of vulnerability disclosure best practices, differences between VDP and bug bounties, and how these practices fit within PCI 4.0 compliance.