Dr Obadare Peter Adewale

Chief Visionary Officer, Digital Encode Limited

Obadare Peter Adewale is the Chief Visionary officer (CVO) of Digital Encode Limited.

Peter is arguably the most “Credentialed” PAN-African Digital Trust Leader, CyberSecurity Influencer, GRC Thought Leader & Global Technopreneur.

He is a seasoned Multi-Award Cybersecurity expert with over 55 (Fifty Five) international professional certifications to his credit.

The First Ec-Council Licensed Penetration Tester (LPT) in Africa and Forbes Technology Council Official Member.

Dr Obadare Peter Adewale's Events

Mobile Payment Reverse Engineering and Security Invasion - Live Demo

Date: Wednesday, 25 October

Track Two

Presented by: Dr Obadare Peter Adewale, Chief Visionary Officer, Digital Encode Limited

This session is structured to highlight mobile payment infrastructures, mobile payment services, mobile payment provisioning, mobile payment architectures, and mobile payment security threats.There will be a live demo of how an attacker can use a combination of different tools like an emulator, decompiler, bytecode instrumentation, dependency analyzer, and structured analysis to digitally invade a mobile platform if there are inherent vulnerabilities.