Pratik Mehta

Regional Manager - Americas & APAC, Crossbow Labs LLP

A cybersecurity enthusiast with an avid interest in the field of Cloud computing, compliance consulting & information security. With a strong association with IT for the last 7+ years, he has recently taken over as the Regional Manager of Business development and strategy for Crossbow Labs in the Americas & APAC. Blogs on Email security, GDPR, the podcast on email security, etc. He is ISO 27001 Lead auditor & has done AWS cloud training.

Pratik Mehta's Events

People in Payments: A Community - Overview of Functioning, Securing, and Sustaining

Date: Wednesday, 16 November

Presented by: Pratik Mehta, Regional Manager - Americas & APAC, Crossbow Labs LLP and Nivedita Sharma, ISO 27001 LA, Regional Manager – EU, Crossbow Labs LLP

Whether it is barter, currency, card, digital, crypto, or any other emerging payment method, it is the people in payments who have created the measure and medium through various technologies, processes, and policies to enable the payments and sustain the ecosystem. This session will cover - the history and fading of each payment method, function & methodology, conveniences, breaches & compromises, controls, security regulations & standards, and the future - metaverse and beyond.