Natasja Bolton

Strategic Partner Support Engagement Manager, Cyber Risk Services, Sysnet Global Solutions

Ms. Bolton is a PCI Qualified Security Assessor and information security professional with over 20 years’ experience. In her role Ms. Bolton engages with Sysnet’s acquiring clients and their merchant customers, delivering guidance and support on payment security and the PCI standards. Ms. Bolton helps merchant customers understand the PCI DSS and how it applies to their business. She also works closely with Sysnet’s contact center, product development and marketing teams where payment security specialist knowledge and input is needed. Ms. Bolton’s role encompasses consultancy, thought leadership and activities to raise awareness and educate our clients and their customers, producing articles and whitepapers as well as delivering webinars and presentations. She is also an active payments industry participant as a long-time member of the PCI Council’s Small Merchant Taskforce.

Natasja Bolton's Events

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