Lars Hanke

Senior Consultant, Deutsche Telekom Security GmbH

Mr. Hanke’s father ran a TV shop, and he knew soldering before he went to school. He got his first computer at the age of six and started programming, since there was hardly any software available in those times.

When commercial software became available in the 1980s and unaffordable for a teenager, Mr. Hanke joined the cracker scene. At this time this required knowledge in hardware and software.

In the early 1990s, he withdrew from the scene to concentrate on his Master’s in Physics, however, remained engaged in several open source projects. During his PhD, Mr. Hanke was responsible for network security at the institute and for automation of laboratories.

Following his PhD in 2000 and a step into industry automation, Mr. Hanke joined Telekom Security in 2002. He’s been working on payment security since his first day, but also on particularly complex solutions often examined in a Common Criteria frame.

Mr. Hanke has contributed to various criteria, including PCI PTS since version 2.

Lars Hanke's Events

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