Christopher Strand

Chief Compliance Officer, IntSights Cyber Intelligence

Christopher Strand is Chief Compliance Officer at IntSights where he leads the global security risk and compliance strategy. With more than 20 years of security and compliance experience, he oversees the development of enterprise solutions that help organizations, regulatory bodies, and governments, deploy material solutions that maintain, measure, and improve their compliance and data risk posture. Christopher’s data and risk program is used globally and has been featured by prominent media.


Christopher Strand's Events

How Modern Cyber Threat Intelligence Can Be Used to Accelerate PCI DSS Compliance

Date: Tuesday, 20 October

Presented by: Christopher Strand, Chief Compliance Officer, IntSights Cyber Intelligence

Threat Intelligence is normally used to enrich the process of PCI assessment, providing proof on the enforcement of security controls required to be secure and compliant. As threat intelligence platforms evolve, they have become more instrumental to security audit, providing valuable context to the process. During this session we will explore examples based on real world data where contextual threat intelligence can be applied directly to PCI requirements to prioritize the assessment process.