Ricardo Nilsen Moreno

Information Security Superintendent , Banco Safra

Responsible for the Information Security Architecture, Cloud Security, Offensive Security and Application Security teams at Banco Safra.

Graduated in Systems Analysis, Postgraduate in Network and Systems Security and MBA in Cybersecurity Management

Member of the PCI Regional Engagement Board, Ricardo Nilsen has 15 years of experience in Cyber ​​Security in critical environments, 10 years in the financial market with direct responsibility for the PCI certification of these environments. He worked for 5 years as an Information Security specialist at SIEMENS, 8 years as Cielo’s Cyber ​​Security coordinator and has been leading Banco Safra’s Cyber ​​Security teams for 2 years

Ricardo Nilsen Moreno's Events

Cloud Security - A Panel Discussion

Date: Thursday, 12 August

Moderated by: Carlos Caetano, Associate Director, LA Region for Brazil, PCI Security Standards Council

Panelists: Elder Vinicius Telles de Arruda, Information Security Manager, Getnet; Enildo Barros, IT Services Head, C6 Bank – Banco C6 S/A and Ricardo Nilsen Moreno, Information Security Superintendent, Banco Safra

Join this panel session for a review from expert members of the Brazil Regional Engagement Board on cloud security, including preparing for cloud migration, cloud security and payments, security team and IT working together, and looking towards the future.
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