Enildo Barros

IT Services Head, C6 Bank – Banco C6 S/A

Administrator with a postgraduate degree in Business Management from FGV, IT executive with experience in mission-critical environments in banks, Internet companies, technology and retail services, among which stand out C6 Bank, TIVIT, UOL Group, Saraiva, Grupo Pão de Açúcar, Unibanco and Banco Nacional. He has extensive experience in technology, with outstanding performance in management, development, infrastructure and operations. Currently he is head of IT at C6 Bank and was responsible for the establishment of its cloud-based infrastructure, for the creation and organization of technology teams and for the development of solutions and products. During his career in technology, he helped evolve to build Grupo Pão de Açúcar’s communication and technology infrastructure, he was responsible for the growth and development of UOL and UOL DIVEO data centers, from projects, constructions and even its operations, in addition to development of UOL DIVEO and TIVIT Cloud infrastructures. In technology management, his experience in the administration of the IT business was fundamental for the growth of the UOL business, organizing teams, implementing governance and financial administration, in Saraiva restructured the Technology area, modernizing its operations and its e-commerce and back-office applications, at TIVIT led the development of technology products and services and the technical and organizational support for the company’s operations.

Enildo Barros's Events

Cloud Security - A Panel Discussion

Date: Thursday, 12 August

Moderated by: Carlos Caetano, Associate Director, LA Region for Brazil, PCI Security Standards Council

Panelists: Elder Vinicius Telles de Arruda, Information Security Manager, Getnet; Enildo Barros, IT Services Head, C6 Bank – Banco C6 S/A and Ricardo Nilsen Moreno, Information Security Superintendent, Banco Safra

Join this panel session for a review from expert members of the Brazil Regional Engagement Board on cloud security, including preparing for cloud migration, cloud security and payments, security team and IT working together, and looking towards the future.
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