Employee Education is the Best Defense for Protecting your Organization’s Data Assets.


In conjunction with the Europe Community Meeting four training courses are available. The trainings will take place at Fairmont Rey Juan Carlos I.


Point-To-Point Encryption Assessor Training | 17-18 October

The two-day Point-to-Point Encryption Assessor (P2PE) training programs prepare candidates to perform validation of Point-to-Point Encryption solutions and applications against the latest standard in order for those solutions and applications to be listed on the PCI Council website.


Qualified Security Assessor Training | 17-18 October & 19-20 October

The two-day Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) class provides instruction on how to conduct assessments of merchants, institutions and service providers who must be compliant with the PCI DSS.


Internal Security Assessor Training  | 19-20 October

The two-day Internal Security Assessor (ISA) class provides large merchants, acquiring banks, and processors the opportunity to build their internal payment data security expertise, as well as increase their efficiency in complying with PCI Standards.


PCI Professional  | 23 October

The Payment Card Industry Professional is an individual, entry-level qualification in payment security information and provides you with the tools to build a secure payment environment and help your organization achieve PCI compliance.  If you attend the instructor led PCIP training, you will also receive a complimentary Community Meeting pass.